In the News… 2013


  • (Cover Story) "What's Hot in 2014?" - THE Journal, December 2013 Issue, Link

  • "11 EdTech Bloggers to Follow in 2014" - Graphite, Common Sense Media, Link

  • "Best Use of Videos and Media in Education" Award, EduBlogs, Link

  • "EdTech Tool Smackdown" - via Vicki Davis, Podcast & Blog Link

  • "How to Personalize Learning Plans for Your Teachers" - EdWeb, December 17, 2013, Webinar Link

  • "The Leading Edge of Digital Leadership" - Podcast with Eric Sheninger & Joe Mazza, BAM Radio Network, Link

  • "The #EdTech Wrap Up Show" - TechEducator Podcast, BAM Radio Network, December 2013, Link


  • "EdTech Leaders Create Their Dream District" - Tech & Learning Magazine (Cover Story), Nov 2013 Issue, Link

  • Tom Murray Joins Bammy Awards Council of Peers - MarketWatch, November 26, 2013, Link

  • "Highlights from Connected Educators Month", Podcast, BAM Radio Network, Link

  • "Implementing Web Tools with Students", Podcast with Adam Bellow, BAM Radio Network, Link


  • "ReThinking the Way We Learn" - RSCON13, October 13, 2013, Webinar Link

  • "Personalized Learning Plans for Teachers" - BrightBytes Webinar, October 8, 2013, Webinar Link

  • "Spotlight on Google Apps in Education", Podcast with Rich Kiker, Link

  • "Finding the Framework to Transitioning to Digital Learning", Podcast with Pam Moran, BAM Radio Network, Link

  • "Exploring the Makerspace Movement", BAM Radio Network, Link


  • "Profiles in Leadership", Tech & Learning Magazine, Link

  • "Get Ready, MOOCs are Coming to K12", THE Journal, September Issue, Link

  • #EdChat Award Presentation, 2013 Bammy Awards, Link

  • "Helping Reluctant Teachers Embrace Technology", BAM Radio Network, Link


  • "Top CIO Strategic Priorties", Enterasys, August 26, 2013, Link


  • "EdTech, Professional Development, and the Union Influence", BlogTalk Radio, June 10, 2013, Link

  • "Closing the EdTech Preparation Gap", Podcast with Scott McLeod and Lyn Hilt, BAM Radio Network, Link


  • "Taking Risks, Reaping Rewards", K12 Blueprint, May 13, 2013, Link

  • "Computer Technologies Enter Schools", District Administration Magazine, May 2013, Link

  • "Not LOL: Service Allows Bullying Reporting by Text", USA Today, May 29, 2013, Link

  • "Four Steps to Smart, Collaborative Digital Curation", Podcast with Steven Anderson, BAM Radio Network, Link

  • "Getting it Right, Technology Infused Professional Development", Podcast with Carolyn VanderArk, BAM Radio Network, Link

  • "Bridging the Gap Between IT and Tech Integrators", BAM Radio Network, Link


  • Digital Learning Series Profile, Alliance for Education, Link

  • "Can Smackdowns, Food Fests, or Flipping Produce Faculty Meetings Teachers Love?" - #EdChat Radio, BAM Radio Network, Link


  • "The Changing Role of the School CIO", BlogTalkRadio, March 25, 2013, Link


  • Digital Learning Day 2013, Alliance for Education, Video Link

  • Digital Town Hall Promotes Digital Learning, Government Technology, February 6, 2013, Link

  • 2013 Showcase Districts, Digital Learning Day, February 6, 2013, Link

In the News...2012


  • "Best of 2012", Tech & Learning Magazine, Leadership Profile Series, Link


  • "For Underserved Students, Districts Bring Broadband Home", THE Journal, August 2012 Issue, Link

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