Just Announced: FREE Future Ready Schools Institutes

As many readers of my blog know, I serve as the Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools®, a project of the Alliance for Excellent Education, located in Washington, D.C. So, today, I’m excited to share that we have officially released our 2017 Regional Institute dates and locations! Wha...


5 Keys to Effective Digital Learning Implementation

Each year, billions of dollars are spent on educational technology in the United States. With stagnant budgets forcing districts to evaluate each line item on a year over year basis, school officials are often forced to make difficult choices on what to purchase, what to cut, and ultimately, where t...


This One’s for You, Grandpa!

I can remember bouncing on your lap when I was about three. I remember the silly gifts you’d give, your incredible sense of humor, your amazing model of how to be a father and grandfather, and how to this day, I consider you the most brilliant man I’ve ever known. I remember your hugs and kisses; yo...


For My Prince and Princess on Father’s Day

In two days, my little boy will be one. In a blink of an eye, he’s gone from a sweet newborn baby, to a crazy babbling toddler on the verge of taking steps of his own. My princess, now four, talks about her wedding day, what she wants to be when she grows up, and her favorite app of the day. I’m not...


5 Key Takeaways from #edcampusa

The energy at the end of the day was infectious.  To hear Emily Davis from the US Department of Education speak with such passion about what had occurred at the DOE that day was both encouraging and inspiring.  In lieu of the traditional edcamp smackdown to wrap up the day, 100 educators from around...


Let’s Not Lose Perspective

They were floating in the water when I first saw them — the paintings of my three-year-old girl. Once a moment of pride and jubilation, now wading in the water that stretched from side to side of my home. It’s an image I’ll never forget and one of the most difficult moments of my life. A few hours e...


Five “Can’t Miss” Twitter Chats

Each week educators from around the world engage in meaningful conversations on Twitter. Twitter chats have connected educators globally and transformed the way many view professional development. Currently, there are over 200 of these chats, which range in topic, participants, and purpose.  An up-t...


Professional Development: Let’s Work Together

It was sitting at a breakfast meeting three years ago with a colleague in a neighboring school district and my close friend, Rich Kiker (@rkiker) that it hit me. Rich and I were discussing needs in our home districts, plans moving forward, effective aspects of our professional development, and how t...




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  • "Kids today have more opportunities to change the world, than ever before. So what what are we doing about it?" - @thomascmurray

    Pinned: 12 Jan 2019