Personal & Authentic:
Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime


Thanks for joining me on this journey! The purpose of these pages is to provide deeper insight and thoughts into what you’ll read in the book, while pointing readers to many great, additional tools and resources that can support the work. Whether you’re using these pages for a teacher book study, administrative leadership retreat, or for your own personal reflection, my goal is simply to support you in the vital work that you do each day.

I also encourage you to share your #AuthenticEDU journey on social media channels to celebrate the many amazing things that happen in your space each day! Now, let’s go!


Personal & Authentic Poster


for Team Fingerprints

Whether you’re running a book study or using the poster to create a symbolic image for your team, the Personal & Authentic poster is available as a free download. Bring your team together, grab some ink, and have each team member leave their fingerprint on the poster, as together you are designing learning experiences that impact a lifetime. Posters are available in three, easily framable dimensions to match the size of your team.

Additional Book Study Materials


Personal & Authentic Framework


Personal & Authentic Quote Images


Stop & Reflect Study Guide


Stop & Reflect Cards

Author’s Note: The resources contained within this page are not intended to be an exhaustive list, but are intended to provide conversation starters, pre-reading/watching, and inspiration on your journey. If you have additional suggestions, please share them so that they can be included for the benefit of others.