Four Ways to Support Your School's Digital Transformation


Digital learning is an instructional practice that effectively uses technology to strengthen a student’s learning experience. It emphasizes high-quality instructional pedagogy and provides access to challenging content, feedback through formative assessments, opportunities for learning anytime and anywhere, and personalized instruction to ensure all students reach their full potential to succeed in college and a career. The Alliance for Excellent Education, one of the top bipartisan, non-profit education-focused organizations in the nation, has been a leader on the digital front. Their nationwide initiatives reach millions of students and educators each year. Listed below are two resources to support your school’s transformation as well as two ways to get involved in nationwide efforts.1. Webinar: “Getting Started: Practical Tips for Going Digital”, DLD SeriesWith billions of dollars invested in educational technology each year, there is always a new set of devices, software, applications, and digital tools competing for the attention of educators and education leaders. Whether you are starting a school-wide digital initiative for the first time or simply looking to refresh the digital learning toolbox in your classroom, what questions should you ask before going digital? During this webinar Tom Murray, is joined by Rich Kiker, Kyle Pace, Tony Sinanis, and Amber Teamann as they discuss how the Future Ready Schools effort can provide a great framework for digital decision making at all levels and how Digital Learning Day can help districts celebrate their success. This webinar covers the following digital transformation components:

  • Strategies for mastering the art of blended instruction;
  • How instructional techniques influence the choice of digital tools
  • Professional learning in Future Ready Schools;
  • A “yes culture” of leadership;
  • The leadership necessary for digital initiatives to be successful; and
  • Community engagement

2. Webinar: “Co-Creating Digital Learning Experiences”, DLD SeriesWhen implementing a new lesson idea or digital device into classrooms, developing a habit of co-creating those experiences—rather than creating them in isolation—is often the key to increasing relevancy, effectiveness, and student engagement. In Future Ready schools, the co-creation process often involves:

  • Transforming physical learning spaces to be more student-centric and better support blended learning instructional practices;
  • Incorporating student input on personalized, project-based learning opportunities; and
  • Borrowing, remixing, and partnering with other teachers and/or institutions to develop cross-disciplinary digital learning experiences.

During this webinar, Tom Murray is joined by Steven AndersonErin Klein, Joe MazzaJoe Sanfelippo, and Angela Watson as they discuss what the co-creation process looks like in a Future Ready school.3. Digital Learning Day, March 13th, Washington, DC (Live Streamed), #DLDayStarted in 2012, Digital Learning Day has provided a powerful venue for education leaders to highlight great teaching practice and showcase innovative teachers, leaders, and instructional technology programs that are improving student outcomes.

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