Our Kids Need You

You've heard it said countless times... "Kids today..." and it's often not said in a positive manner. Just before or after the phrase, which is typically said in some condescending tone, is a reference as to why this generation of kids does not rise to the value of the last. It typically goes something like this...

"Kids today are entitled..."
"Kids today are addicted to their phones..."
"Kids today don't know how to socialize..."
"Kids today are so disrespectful..."
"Kids today are pampered..."

But let's face it. There ARE some things that kids today will never understand...

Like this...


Or this...


Or the sheer pain of this...(You even heard the sound staring at the picture, right?)


But do you know what else about kids today?Kids today are awesome. They are some of the most talented, empathetic, creative leaders on the planet. Are they not? Kids today have so many of the exact same needs that we had.

- They need to be loved. Just like we did.
- They need to be cherished. Just like we did.
- They need to feel like they belong. Just like we did.
- They need to be a part of something great. Just like we did.
- They need an adult that will run through walls for them. Just like we did.

Do you know what else kids today have? Kids today have more opportunity to change the world than ever before.

Today, even in the most rural environment, connectivity puts the world's information at their fingertips. It makes collaboration, at any time, with anyone in the world, possible. For those with access, it makes opportunities plentiful, as connectivity is a lifeline for progress.Yet, it's imperative to note, that according to the Pew Research Center, about 5 million of our nation's families, disproportionally our black and hispanic families, lack sufficient broadband access at home. With access, opportunities abound. Without it, difficulties expand. In 2018, huge equity issues remain prevalent. Although equity in access issues remain, incredible progress has been made inside school walls over the past five years. According to Education Superhighway, 40.7 million more students have high-speed Internet access than in 2013. That is amazing progress by our nation's schools!

Education Superhighway, 2018 State of the States

Education Superhighway, 2018 State of the States

With this level of connectivity and access, kids today have more opportunities to change the world than ever before...So, what are we doing about it?

The good news? Every day, in every school, amazing, life changing things happen.
The reality? Our kids today... Need You

They always have and they always will. Go get it this week!

All for the kids we serve,